Q&A with softball player Holly Fauria


Bruce Sherwood Photography

San Marcos, Ca. California State Unversity San Marcos, Softball (CSUSM) Cougars at the CSUSM Sports Center on the campus of California State University San Marcos, Feb 03, 2017. California State University San Marcos, Ca Bruce Sherwood Photography

Gayana Parsegova, Opinion Editor

Where were you born and raised, hometown, interests as a child… etc.

I was born in Huntington Beach, and moved to Yorba Linda and was raised there. I was fortunate enough to grow up playing softball and soccer where I met some of my best friends. When I graduated from Yorba Linda High School my family and I moved back to Huntington Beach.


What inspired you to pursue a degree in Liberal Studies?

My mom is a teacher and I’ve always aspired to be like her. She makes a huge impact on students’ lives and I want to be able to make a difference just like she does.


Why did you choose CSUSM for your undergraduate career?

I was recruited to play softball here and when I took a tour of the campus I fell in love. It’s a great location, and I’m not too far from home, so my family can come watch my games.


What’s your favorite aspect of being on the softball team?

I love the camaraderie we have on the team. Being on a team with a great group of girls makes playing softball more fun. I also love representing a great school like CSUSM.


When did you start playing softball?

I started when I was eight years old. I didn’t really want to play softball at first, but my dad convinced me to try it out and I ended up loving it.


What are your plans after you graduate?

I plan on moving back to Huntington and getting my teaching credential at Long Beach State. I want to take more Spanish classes, so I can become proficient in speaking Spanish. Since I’ll have more free time without softball, I want to surf more and learn how to play the ukulele.


Can you tell us about your favorite college memory?

I don’t think I can pick just one. Living with my teammates has been one of the best experiences. They’ve become my best friends and they are always there to help me through the tough times.


What are the biggest differences for you when it comes to high school and college softball?

I work harder now in college than I did in high school. I had to learn how to find a balance between my classes, softball and spending time with my friends.


Any advice for incoming CSUSM athletes?

Make your academics your number one priority, and when times get challenging, don’t stress out, just ask for help when you need it! College goes by super fast, so enjoy it and don’t take anything for granted.