Women’s Lacrosse succeeds in Santa Barbara Tournament

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Women’s Lacrosse succeeds in Santa Barbara Tournament

Hannah Snider, Sports Editor

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CSUSM’s women’s club lacrosse team reigns victorious against Northern Arizona University (NAU) at the Santa Barbara tournament on Feb. 18, however due to weather the other three games were canceled.

The Cougars stepped on the field ready to play, with spirits high and minds focused. The Cougars started the game off strong winning from the beginning, pressuring the Lumberjacks right away and keeping their defense on point.

“The attitude going into any game is just pure excitement … Each game is a brand new game with new opportunities to be better,” said midfielder Emma Kirker.

At the end of halftime the Cougars were up 14-4, winning by a landslide. The Cougars continued to keep up the pressure and making important connections, never letting up.


When the referees blew their whistles the crowd erupted with applause, the Cougars swept away the Lumberjacks 18-7. Midfielder’s Kaylee Crivello and Amber Bonanno led the team with three goals each.

“This game definitely boosted their confidence and bring them all a little closer … the plan for the rest of the season is to take it day by day, game by game and always move forward,” said Coach Chelsea Hargett.

The Cougars next home game will be against CSU Fullerton on Feb. 26 at 11 a.m.

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