Speaking out against abortion

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Speaking out against abortion

Briana Osuna, Features Editor

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On Feb. 13 and Feb. 14 the Genocide Awareness Project came to CSUSM. Genocide Awareness is one out of four of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reforms (CBR) projects. This organization visits about 10 college campuses per semester. As students walk past their display they encounter several large images depicting the aftermath of abortion.

The director of operations for CBR, Kevin Olivier, expressed the main goal of the organization is to help the campus community understand the true meaning of abortion and what actually occurs during the process.

“We are trying to open eyes to what abortion is, and abortion is the decapitation and dismemberment of preborn human beings. In our experience, when people see pictures of abortion, they are much more likely to develop negative feelings and come to believe that abortion is a negative thing,” said Olivier.

This project differs from other anti-abortion organizations because they use an extensive amount of imagery to convey their message.

“Images express reality of prenatal life and abortion in ways that words can not.

Our images show the humanity of the preborn child, that they are human. They also show the inhumanity or the cruelty of the act of abortion which violently destroys this human being,” said Olivier.

Several people volunteer to advocate for this organization and visit college campuses to reach out to others about the issue of abortion. Barbara Hume and Rebekah Dyer, volunteers for the organization shared why they devote their time to spread awareness.

“I believe in abortion there are two victims, the child and the woman. I want to help protect women against abortion, it’s not just a simple procedure, it has lifelong repercussions. I want them to be armed with truth of what abortion really is,” said Hume.

“I believe that because the unborn don’t have a voice for themselves, I have a responsibility to speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves,” said Dyer.

The two women also gave their input and views on the “my body, my choice” claim.

“It’s true it’s our body, but the baby is not our body, the baby is a separate body and a separate individual and we don’t have that permission,” said Hume.

“My question is, I would point to these pictures (the display) and I would say ‘who’s body is this’. You say that it’s your body, but you’re using your body to decapitate, and dismember a little human being and you don’t have the right to do that,” said Dyer.

Despite the negative feedback these individuals face, they continue to return to colleges like CSUSM and speak out against the act of abortion.

“We have a very strong desire to see justice in this particular area. We believe that the rights of an entire class of human beings are being denied. We can work to change the collective thoughts of society regarding abortion, so that society one day may ban the act of abortion or greatly reduce the number of killings. We have sympathy for our human brothers and sisters inside the womb and we want to see that change, that’s what drives us,” said Olivier.

For more information on CBR please visit www.AbortionNo.org

For help with unplanned pregnancy or post abortion help please visit www.OptionLine.org or www.AbortionHealining.info

You may also call 1-800-848-5683

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