Ways to stay organized for spring semester



Mackenzie Waldron, Assistant Features Editor

School is back in session, and it is time to get back into the swing of things. The overload of assignments and exams can sometimes stress students out.  


It is very important to remain as organized as possible so you don’t stress about the clutter in your school bag on top of all of those stressful due dates.  


One thing I recommend purchasing this semester is a planner. Unless you have the perfect memory, you should definitely invest in a planner. It is hard to remember assignments and important dates, so it is convenient to write them down.


Another useful tip is to draw little boxes next to each assignment so that you can check them off once they’re completed.  


Keeping track of all of your classes can be confusing, which is why it is important to get yourself individual notebooks and place them all into one binder. It is best to carry a binder containing your classwork and notebooks so that it leaves room in your bag for other things such as a laptop, lunch and books.  


Having different colored pens help organize your notes in a way that suits your learning habits.  For example, you could write down information that you need help on in blue and leave the rest in black. Highlighters are also very convenient for note taking.


You will likely be reading a lot of textbooks for your classes this semester, so it is important to have sticky notes for what you need to go over again. This helps manage your time best when it comes to studying for tests.


Good time management is a necessity for improving your organization skills. It is hard not to procrastinate while doing your homework, but you will feel a lot better when all of your homework is done and there is extra time to relax.


Also, don’t wait until the last minute to start a task. You may think that this strategy would provide more free time, but it creates stress and poor grades.