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Party for Saint Patrick

Hannah Snider, Sports Editor

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Saint Patrick’s Day! What is that even about? Is it an excuse to get drunk and pinch people you don’t like who aren’t wearing green? Yes, but there is much more.

As half Irish, Saint Patrick’s Day has been a big day for my family. We decorate the house, my mom makes a green cake, we eat traditional Irish food and my brother buys Irish beer that was green for the occasion.

What many don’t know, is the true reason behind this glorious day.


A long time ago there was a man named Patrick and he was a Saint; he was the patron saint of Ireland and March 17 is the traditional date of his death.

Saint Patrick’s Day is a religious holiday to celebrate Saint Patrick’s life, and what he did for his country, which includes bringing Christianity to Ireland.

At this point you must be thinking, “If it’s so religious why is it known to be a boozy holiday?” That’s a great question! Known as a day of feasting the Lenten restrictions were lifted for that day allowing people to drink.

What’s the significance behind all the green? that is Ireland’s color, and has been for a couple thousand years.

Lastly, why the pinching? The Irish have endured many hardships in their past; famine, racism, war, religious persecution, both in Ireland and as immigrants to America. If someone wasn’t proudly displaying green on Saint Patrick’s Day they were pinched for not having pride in their nation.

That’s the inside scoop of Saint Patrick’s Day! So be sure to wear green, eat good food, have a beer and celebrate some Irish culture.

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