Daily tasks of a student employee

Briana Osuna, Features Editor

Taylor Quinn, a fourth year student employee at the Circulation desk in the Kellogg Library, gave insight on what it’s like to be employed on campus.


What do you do/ what are your tasks?

I check books out to students from course reserves, the stacks on the fourth and fifth floors of the library and books that they have requested from Interlibrary Loan (ILL) and Circuit. Students can  return their books to the Circulation desk and the student employee will check it in for them. I also assist them in finding books, to see if we have it in our library or another library that they can request it from.

Knowing that you are a student, is your boss flexible with your hours?

Absolutely! Before a new semester starts, my boss asks student employees for their class schedule and from there, a work schedule is created that is convenient for all students.

Is it easier to work on campus rather than off?

I think it is easier to work on campus because it’s so convenient. Sometimes you can even work between classes if your schedule isn’t hectic and you’re comfortable doing so.

Are there any special perks to working on campus?

I get emails called CSUSM perks at work that notify you of discounts that you can receive on various items like theme park tickets, travel, etc.

Was it hard to find a job on campus? How did you go about applying?

I used Cougar Jobs to find the position I am in now. Usually positions are posted between semesters/during breaks. I uploaded my resume and looked at the jobs that were available, then applied to the ones that I was qualified for.

What was the funniest or best incident that has occurred during your campus job?

It’s kind of embarrassing, but at the beginning of one of my shifts I had to check the book drops in Craven circle. As I opened them a huge lizard ran out and almost climbed on me. I jumped back and heard a noise. I looked down and saw that my pants ripped down my crotch and I had to work the rest of my shift with ripped pants.Thankfully, no one noticed it.

Would you encourage others to get a job on campus?

Most definitely! At one point I was working both on campus and off, but I enjoyed working as a student employee more.