McManus shares progress of Diversity and Inclusion strategic plan

Stephany Mejia, News Editor

The new Chief Diversity Officer, Joe-Joe McManus, discussed the draft copy of the Action Steps for the Diversity and Inclusion strategic plan including compositional diversity, curriculum, inclusive climate and institutionalized diversity.


Several faculty members and one student gathered on March 16 in Academic Hall 102 to view the plan and ask questions. A physical copy of the draft was given to everyone who attended.


McManus clarified he is still learning and understanding the plan, along with the campus and people while listening to the faculty.  He said he will advocate as much as he can with the budget that has been given.


Enrollment was discussed on CSUSM accepting students outside of the region. Potential students see CSUSM as a university of choice.


McManus said a “diverse faculty is very high on my list.” CSUSM is a young university that has been diverse from the start, but McManus plans to diversify CSUSM more.


He has attended faculty meetings to inform himself about the topics and issues that involve diversity.


Two professors and one student discussed the importance between multicultural courses over powering core courses.


A common read was brought up as an option to McManus. The common read would require incoming freshman to read the same text. It can create a common understanding within students and help them in  upper division courses.


Social justice is mentioned in the strategic plan. CSUSM covers global issues well but the attendees discussed covering local and global issues equally. McManus said he agrees that both global and local issues are part of social justice and should be included.