ASI initiatives provides student success

Stephany Mejia, News Editor

The Associated Student, Inc. (ASI) is working on initiatives that the benefits the students. The initiatives include a 24-hour library, a food pantry and increased funding for student organizations.


ASI Student at Large Representative for Sustainability, Diana Bautista said that about 50 percent of CSUSM students could potentially be food insecure. The food pantry will benefit students by providing toiletries and nonperishable foods.


The location for the food pantry is still being discussed. A temporary location for the fall semester is still being worked on.


The initiatives have been approved, but the Internal Operations Board will finalize the budget and present it to the Board of Directors by the end of April or early May.


ASI Vice President of Student and University Affairs, Chris Morales said, “The food pantry has been getting support from campus and community partners. It has been working with advancements to get donations to pay for the renovations of the space. It has been working with the San Diego County Food Bank to establish a partnership to get food in there, to get non perishables and to get produce in there.”


The budget for a 24 hour section within the library is currently being worked on. The second floor of the library is the only section that remains open for 24 hours, six days week.


Both CSUSM and ASI are growing and Morales said the initiatives are essential to the students’ needs. If the initiatives would have not passed, ASI would have found a different way to address them.


The tuition increase has no direct connection with the ASI initiatives. Morales said that the initiatives are needed more due to the tuition increase.