Congratulations class of 2017!

Graduating seniors can get the inside scoop on Grad Fest

Gayana Parsegova, Opinion Editor

Graduating Seniors of CSUSM, congratulations on accomplishing this milestone!


March 15 to 16 in the USU Ballroom, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. graduating students of CSUSM joined together in order to purchase various items for their commencement ceremony held this upcoming May.


Students were able to purchase their caps, gowns, tassels, medallions, stoles, class rings and a frame for their diploma. Students also had the opportunity to get their hair and makeup done to take professional photographs in their graduation attire.


Graduating Biology major Brianna Sampson said, “Grad Fest is a great event for seniors to attend. It is convenient to have everything I want to buy for graduation all in one spot, and to be able to buy it all at once. The fact that Grad Fest is an all day event really helps out my hectic schedule!”


Seniors were given a chance to speak to the Alumni Association of CSUSM, and join this organization after graduation. New graduates joining the association will pay $30 for their first two years of membership, and are given a box filled with CSUSM memorabilia such as a Cal State T-Shirt, lanyard and licence plate frame.


Student Chris Morales, who helped CSUSM students sign up for the Alumni Association said, “The alumni association is a great way for graduates to continue to be involved with the campus. Being a member of the Alumni Association allows you to enjoy more privileges as a CSUSM grad, such as helpful networking and fun events for its members, as well as continued access to the library and career center.”
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