InterVarsity changes lives

Sara Freitag, Staff Writer/Photographer


Ryane Fennema, a leader for InterVarsity, shares some of the ways that this Christian club on campus has impacted her throughout her college experience.

InterVarsity is formed around small groups, some of which include those for the commuter, Black, Latino, Asian Pacific Islander communities, and the Greek community.

In addition, the organization meets once a month on Wednesday nights for students to worship and fellowship with individuals from other small groups.

Fennema said she was blown away by the method of Bible study implemented. Groups explore one chapter at a time, analyzing it verse-by-verse.  She said this process not only encouraged her to understand context, but to Fennema, it was impactful to hear her peers’ perspectives on the material.

Some of Fennema’s favorite experiences with InterVarsity have included events such as weekend getaways to Catalina Island.  These experiences are reminiscent of high school youth group events, and activities such as three-legged races are inevitable!

Over the last couple years, she focused on her identity as God’s daughter.

Fennema said she desires to share her heart and encourage others to see themselves the way God sees them.

To the CSUSM campus community, Fennema says, “God takes you as you are.  No matter where you are, know that you’re loved.”

Information about InterVarsity may be found on the student organizations page of the campus website:

“We want you to experience God yourself,” said Fennema.

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