ASI will hold BOD reelection

Karen Ambrocio, Managing Editor

Because Associated Students Inc. (ASI), received complaints about the Board of Directors election, the student organization has decided to re-do its election.


The ASI Elections Committee investigated fewer than a dozen complaints the day after the election polls closed March 25.


The majority of the complaints were directed toward two candidates, one of whom has been disqualified, said ASI Vice President of Student and University Affairs Chris Morales.


The other candidate was cleared of the complaint through an appeals process.


The committee also resolved other complaints, including an allegation of early campaigning. The committee found there was no violation based on an Instructional and Information Technology Services investigation.


“We don’t want to have any sort of bias or influence aside from enforcing and bring about a fair and clean election per our codes. I do think that the committee has been pretty good at remaining impartial,” said ASI Chair and Chief of Staff Sam Ramtin.


Committee members said they agreed that the election codes needed more clarification. Although, there cannot be any changes added this semester, that is something the committee can do next year.


Committee members said it was necessary to redo the election.


“This is the most fair way for all the parties involved to do it one more time and do it in a way that’s unbiased and partial and still fair to the election process,” Morales said.


Campaigning will begin on April 17 with balloting on Monday, April 24, to Wednesday, April 26. Polls will close at 5 p.m. Students can vote online at


Elections results will be posted April 27 during U-hour at the USU.


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