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Cosmonauts rocks the Space Bar, (El Cajon)

Christopher Ruiz Rodriguez, Distribution Manager

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Hailing from Fullerton, the Cosmonauts shredded the night away at the Space Bar located on El Cajon Boulevard on May 4.

The Cosmonauts are a four-person band signed to Burger Records with two guitarists/vocalists Alexander Ahmadi and Derek Cowart, their drummer Cole Devine and their incredibly talented bassist James Sanderson III. The band has released five albums: Cosmonauts, New Psychic Denim, If You Wanna Die Then I Wanna Die, Persona Non Grata and A-OK! which all fit into the category of garage or psychedelic rock.

Prior to the Cosmonauts appearing on stage two other bands Svelte and Spooky Cigarette warmed up the crowd by each playing a full set, which normally consists of six to seven songs.

Once it was time for the Cosmonauts to begin their performance, they strolled onto the stage looking calm and collected and began to continuously bombard their listeners ear drums with their unique sound.

The band played eight different songs: “Vanilla,” “Motorcycle #1,” “What Me Worry,” “Two Dollars & Fifty Cents,” “A-OK!,” “Doom Generation,” “Shortwave Communication” and “Heavenspeak.” The performance itself lasted around 45 minutes, but the atmosphere of the venue made it feel like a lifetime. When it first started, there were few people moving and dancing to the music, but towards the end nearly half the crowd was jamming out and having the time of their lives.

As an avid fan of garage and psychedelic rock the Cosmonauts really impressed me with their live sound, I would highly recommend attending one of their concerts the next time they pass through town. As for the venue, the Space Bar, it lived up to its name because it was far out and had an extremely polite staff.


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