The National Comedy Theatre shines with rising stars

Bryanna Martinez, Staff writer

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Come prepared for a night of comedy, improvisation and audience geared ad-lib entertainment from the National Comedy Theatre (NCT) located in downtown San Diego. The theater performs over 300 shows a year. On Sundays, the NCT has their Sunday Company where they showcase their rising performers. I attended one of their shows for the first time recently and was very amused as it reminded me of the American comedy series, “Whose Line Is it Anyway.”

It started off with the host rallying up the audience letting them know they are in the charge of tonight’s show and telling them the safety precautions of the event. The hosts added that the comedic range is “waistline” due to the range of audience members at their shows. Then, he explained the first game called “Try that on for size,” where the comedians perform the same movement requested by the audience, although their answer is different than the original concept.

Later on, there was more audience interaction with “Press Conference” where the performers had two authors and an interviewer for a faux book review. Only the audience, the host and the “interviewer” know the answer to the interviewer’s questions and the authors had to fill in the blanks for the answers and try to get them correct with hints.

The best thing about this concept is that the comedy does not offend anybody or their background, so expect clean cut humor with a splash of a modern twist.

Overall, the show was hilarious, entertaining and in a small sized theatre room with entertainers trying to create an experience for you. Just remember to come prepared with fits of laughter and ideas to shout out when prompted.

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