The Cougar Chronicle awards seniors and staff for hard work

Bryanna Martinez, Staff writer

The Cougar Chronicle independent student newspaper held it’s annual “Celebration of Journalism” on May 3 at 8 p.m. at the University Student Union (USU) Ballroom A & C.

The event is to recognize and congratulate the writers, photographers and the media team who contributed and dedicated hours to The Cougar Chronicle. Food and refreshments were provided during the event.

Martha Stodder Holmes, professor in the Literature and Writing department began congratulating the graduating seniors on their commencement. Kent Davy, the Journalism adviser of The Cougar Chronicle, commended the students who have written for the newspaper the past year.

Editor-in-Chief, Layda Galvan and Managing Editor, Karen Ambrocio presented five award categories to the staff.

The first award, “Rookie of the Year” was presented to Antonio Pequeño IV, a freshman and the Arts and Entertainment Editor, who began as a Staff Writer in the fall semester of 2016.

“Cougar Chronicle Team Member of the Year” award went to Ambrocio, a sophomore who started in the newspaper in spring 2016 as Student Life Reporter.

Graduating senior, Gayana Parsegova won “Journalist of the Year.” She has written for the Chronicle for three-and-half years, and started as a Features staff writer in spring 2016.

Junior student and Photo Editor, Jeffrey Davis won for the second time the award for “Achievement In Design or Photo.” Davis started in fall 2015 as a photographer.

“Excellence in Leadership” award went to Galvan a sophomore student who started in fall 2015 as a Sports Reporter. She said she is proud of all of her editors and writers who have demonstrated hard work and dedication.

A surprise award called “Recognition of hard work” was handed to freshman Melody Forstie, who started as Sales and Marketing Representative in fall 2016.

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