Facility Services Spotlight

Layda Galvan, Editor-In-Chief

When you take the time to appreciate the beauty of this campus remember the people who work everyday to make it beautiful.

Facility Services’ goal is to “to provide quality facility maintenance, operations and support services that foster a university of first choice while enhancing our learning environment.”

In an interview with the Director of Facility Services, Floyd Dudley II said the role of the administrative staff of Facility Services  “supports daily operations by providing website maintenance, communication, general administrative support and managerial responsibilities.”

There are seven shops that are part of Facilities that contribute to keep our campus operating and clean. The shops are auto, maintenance mechanic, custodial, electrical, central plant, landscape and lock.

The Auto shop provides service, maintenance and repairs to automotive, maintenance and construction equipment and advise staff in proper operation and service of equipment.

The maintenance mechanics maintain and improve the campus by performing journey-level routine maintenance and service requests, facility renovations and repair work, and corrective and preventative maintenance.

Custodial services keeps the CSUSM facilities clean and healthy.

The Electrical shop responds to daily service requests, supports campus projects and maintains the multi-voltage electrical systems.

The Central Plant maintains the control systems for heating and cooling, fire sprinkler systems, HVAC, domestic water, plumbing and other utilities.

The Landscape crew provides gardening, landscape and planter maintenance, general cleaning and support to our campus.


The Lock shop manages all keys and locks on campus by maintaining and ensuring our campus is up to date on access control systems, doors and door openers and closers.

Facility services along-side with work control, work to “satisfy customer needs and ensure the campus is maintained at its greatest level.”

The most recent work done by Facilities is the Kellogg Library lighting retrofit. SBSB concrete path to Arts and Craven Circle/Craven Drive landscape renovation.

One of the most challenging events “that has occurred on campus was the 2014 CoCos fire.  The CoCos fire burned right up to the backside of the Central Plant next to the Green House and TES Tank. The local fire department had four fire trucks on site; the Central Plant crew also remained on site well into the morning hours to keep the campus buildings secure,” said Dudley.

Facilities plans to  “continue providing quality support to the campus as it grows to its goal of 2500 students by 2025.”

Dudley says it is important that all students help our campus by communicating and maintaining our campus clean.

“The biggest thing students can do to help Facility Services is to become more active members of their campus. If you happen to notice something on campus that needs our attention, report it immediately.”

You can contact Facility services via email at [email protected] or at 760-750-4600

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