The opening of the Cougar Career Closet

Elizabeth Cruz, Web & Social Media assistant

The idea of Cougar Career Closet derived from Daisy Bueno the secretary of the Latino Business Association. She shared it with the other members in the Association and discussed the urgent need of professional clothing for students.  Based on this realization they all took action to make this idea blossom.

The Latino Business Association’s goal is to provide free professional clothing to students who can’t afford a presentable attire for their interview. They wanted to support students and make it possible for them to receive a new job or internship. Therefore, they reached out to COBA (College of Business Administration) the Career Center for their support.

Jim Hamerly, dean from COBA, was the first to help out and donate a full rack of professional attire. Pamela Wells, director of the Career Center,provided a location.

Lilia Lopez, director of the Cougar Closet, designed the logo that appears on every bag that students are given when they pick out an outfit. Along with every bag, students receive a career guide and a service flyer.

“I wanted to design a logo that was professional and not boring…I spent about three month and a half to complete and feel satisfied about the logo,” Lopez said.

On Tuesday, April 4 the Latino Business Association opened up the Cougar Career Closet for the the first time in Craven Hall 1400. At the same time they held their Dress for Success Fashion Show at the Forum Plaza during U-Hour.

The California Coast Credit Union stopped by the Cougar Career Closet and made donations to the store. The member of the Latino Business Association Liliana Lopez said they will be expecting members of the San Marcos city council community next week to come and donate to the closet.

“It all worked out so perfectly well, for everyone to have access to the Cougar Career Closet because it’s in the perfect spot to be located. It ties in nicely with the Career Center, plus anyone who wants to make donations can swing by quickly and not have to pay for the two hour parking, since the loop already allows you a five minute drop off,” said Wells.

If anyone is interested in donating to the Cougar Career Closet they are in need of small and medium size attires for male and females and all shoe sizes for males. The hours for the Cougar Career Closet are Tuesdays 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and Thursdays 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. for more information you can visit