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Relieve stress during finals week

Mackenzie Waldron, Assistant Features Editor

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It is that time of the year that students stress about all semester. It is finals week, students are putting all of their time and energy into writing their final papers, and studying for final exams. The thing is, finals week doesn’t have to be stressful.

There are many ways that students can relieve their stress, such as finding ways to organize their workload or to taking a quick study break.

“A planner is very useful and also to have in mind when projects are due and frequently checking the syllabus of each class for due dates,” said Olivia Vargas, a spanish professor here on campus.

Studying for finals for an intense amount of time can be difficult and stressful.  It is important for students to organize their notes by each class and to highlight certain details that they need to remember.

There are also many study resources on campus.  “Using the library, writing center, tutoring center, and study groups are very helpful while studying for finals,” said Vargas.

It is beneficial for students to create their own study guides. This may be time consuming, but it is an effective study method.

Students should prioritize their time wisely by figuring out what classes they need to study for the most.  Students should always start studying for their harder classes ahead of time, so they feel confident during the final.

Remember to take a break while studying for finals. Stress can make it harder to study and cause students to lose focus.

When students need to take a break from studying, they should get a cup of coffee or watch one episode of their favorite Netflix show. This will help students recharge their batteries.

“Studying in pauses could help.  Take breaks in between to do a fun activity to relax.  Go for a walk, listen to music, go for a run.  It is essential to relax, breathe and clear our minds,” said Vargas.

One of the most important things to remember is as soon as finals week is over, summer break begins.

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