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Chick-fil-A is a Chick-fil-YAY!

Hannah Snider & Gayana Parsegova, Sports Editor & Opinion Editor

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Looking for yummy food with a wide variety of options that’s affordable and fast? Chick-fil-A is the place for you!

Walking into the San Marcos location was a pleasant surprise; a clean and spacious dining room full of happy chatter and warm smiles. It wasn’t exceptionally crowded, however, I suggest avoiding lunch and dinner rush especially if you are not a patient person as they can get pretty compacted.

The food is delicious and customizable! I recommend the original chicken sandwich with no pickles, pepper jack cheese and bacon. Their new guacamole, and waffle fries are to die for plus they offer free refills.

Summer is just around the corner! After eating a delicious original chicken sandwich, you can go right ahead and order yourself a refreshingly chill cookies & cream milkshake! Not to mention, there’s a super swell cherry on top too along with some whip cream!

The workers were genuine, welcoming and patient with newcomers. They went out of their way to help those who needed assistance, whether it was grabbing a highchair for a busy mother, or holding the door for an elderly couple.

It was easy to strike up a conversation with one of the workers named Manny, who was a delight and  personable. He helped me decide on what to get as well as take my tray to my trash.

The overall atmosphere of the restaurant is cheerful and lighthearted, and it was truly their pleasure to serve me.

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