Fellow Cougar leaves her mark on CSUSM

Briana Osuna, Features Editor

As the academic year comes to a close fellow Cougars will be leaving CSUSM to embark on the next chapter of their life.

Amongst these graduates is Monique Lazaro. Lazaro will be graduating from CSUSM with a degree in Visual and Performing Arts with an emphasis in Arts & Technology, and a minor in both Communication and Dance. As graduation approaches, Lazaro reflected on her time at CSUSM and the memories she has created.

While being two hours away from her family was challenging, Lazaro found  ways to make the campus her home. Lazaro has been involved with the campus community throughout her college career. As the founder and captain of the cheerleading team, Lazaro has certainly left her mark at CSUSM.

“Leading my team has been an honor and creating the organization is very rewarding in many ways…Creating an organization is a lot of work and I am very proud of my co-founders and team,” said Lazaro.

In addition to being the founder of an organization, Lazaro also held the position of Student Building Lead at the USU. Lazaro said through her on-campus work she has developed professional skills and great friendships.

Lazaro said one of the biggest challenges she faced was her desire to please others.

“I love making people happy and doing things for people. Somewhere in my college experience I realized that I need to live my life for me and that it isn’t a bad or negative thing to focus on yourself. Sometimes it’s okay to say no and do something for yourself,” said Lazaro.

Lazaro said she loved her overall college experience and shared her appreciation for CSUSM’s continuous growth and improvement over the years.

“My favorite thing about CSUSM is that there’s room for growth… Since I’ve been here I’ve seen buildings go up and programs grow and prosper. It’s awesome to be a part of organizations and cultures that are still growing. There’s so much room for creation and leadership,” said Lazaro.

After graduation, Lazaro plans on moving back home to Covina, California. Lazaro shared her enjoyment and passion for the coaching process and plans to get a job in coaching.

As Lazaro continues her journey, she leaves CSUSM with positive thoughts and memories that will last a lifetime.

“I’m glad I chose this school to go to. I’m glad that I’ve made the choices I have and I’m glad I have the friends I do. Every choice I’ve made at this chop has led me to more opportunities and experiences that I’m glad I’ve been apart of,” said Lazaro.