Graduate reflects on her time at CSUSM

Briana Osuna, Features Editor

Jordan Waldron’s journey at CSUSM will come to an end in a few short weeks. Commencement is quickly approaching and Waldron will receive a degree in Sociology and a minor in Global Studies.

After graduation Waldron plans to attend the University of San Diego and receive a master’s degree in Social Innovation in the Joan B. Kroc Institute of Peace and Justice.

While at CSUSM, Waldron took the opportunity to study abroad and reflected on some of her experiences.

“I was taking classes that were for my major and minor, but it was from a different point of view as I was in a different country and my professors were pretty much all Swedish. It was super interesting! I also met so many incredible people and got to travel to 14 different countries during the year I was there,” said Waldron.

Waldron said she enjoyed studying abroad and accredits it as being her favorite college memory. She said it was a great experience and highly recommends students to do it as well.

“I did not just learn in the classroom, but I got some real world cultural experiences by traveling to so many countries. It’s impossible to pick just one memory from this experience, so the whole year is just one big amazing memory,” said Waldron.

In addition to studying abroad Waldron also worked on campus as an operator in telephone services for three out of four of her years at CSUSM.

“Working on campus was really great and super convenient because you can schedule your work around your classes.  For me, I think it made me go to class on days I didn’t really want to.  I worked on camps almost everyday, so I was going to be on campus anyways so I might as well go to class. Also, at my job we were allowed to do homework as long as we had finished up our work so that was super helpful,” said Waldron.

Waldron said that learning to juggle both work and school allowed her to gain valuable life skills.

“Being able to handle multiple classes, while having a job taught me great time management skills that I think will be really important for when I go to graduate school and for the future in general,” said Waldron.