Easter Traditions with the Saiz-Martinez family

Bryanna Martinez, Staff Writer

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Easter is that time of year when eggs are vibrantly decorated, Peeps marshmallows are eaten and young children scream at the sight of a six foot white rabbit.

But, let’s not forget that Easter is also a time when Christians unite in the church for the celebration of Christ’s resurrection.

During the Lenten season, my family and I like making traditional Mexican Lentil food. A generational meal from my great great grandmother. The meal is called tortitas de camarón en salsa roja also known as “shrimp patties in red sauce.” The meal consists of eggs and dried shrimp mixed together and made into patties, with thick sliced potatoes, flavorful yet somewhat spicy red sauce and nopales.

Finally Easter Sunday is upon us, and the Easter festivities are in full swing with food ready on the table for all. Turkey, ham and basically anything you can think of on one table.

After eating, I would anticipate my family members’ ambushment of the traditional cracking of handcrafted confetti eggs on each other’s head outside. This is then followed by a game of “Apples to Apples” with my family.  My little brother meanwhile, is having a ball of a time playing an Easter egg hunt, which I always help him out with.

Easter plays a huge role in my life, in regards to my family and the traditions it holds. Easter means more to me than just decorated eggs, candy and the Easter Bunny you see advertised everywhere. Easter is a spiritual connection with God and the part of almsgiving, fasting and spending quality time with my family.

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