Cougars do Halloween

Hannah Snider, Sports Editor

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Jack Jensen
Anna Jensen at the age of two in a lion costume the day of Halloween.

Anna Jensen-Volleyball: photo taken by Jack Jensen, Anna age 2

  1. My favorite thing to do on Halloween is to dress up and hang out with friends, I love seeing all the creativity everyone puts into their costumes!
  2. My favorite candy is chocolate.
  3. I don’t watch Halloween movies very much, but if I had to watch only one Halloween movie it would be Hocus Pocus!


Rosario Garcia
Four-year-old Andrea Zepeda in a pumpkin suit perfect for Halloween.

Andrea Zepeda-Lacrosse: photo taken by Rosario Garcia, Andrea age 4

  1. Dressing up, getting candy, watching scary movies, and having an excuse to scare people is what are all things I love about Halloween.
  2. My fair candy currently is “Take 5”. It’s delicious, it has chocolate, caramel and peanuts, a perfect combo!
  3. I would rewatch the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, it’s one of my favorites


Gaby Rios
Tatum Rios, six years old, celebrates Halloween in a Hawaiian outfit.

Tatum Rios-Cheer photo taken by Gaby Rios, Tatum age 6

  1. My favorite way to spend Halloween night is to cook a nice dinner, enjoy some candy and watch Halloween movies in my Halloween pajamas!
  2. My favorite candy is the Halloween edition of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.
  3. If I could watch one Halloween movie, it would be Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.
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