CSUSM hosts haunted house

Haunted house decorations in the USU ballroom on Friday, Oct. 27.

Annelisa Zamora, Assistant Arts Editor

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On Oct. 27 Campus Rec, ASI and Tukwut Life hosted a night of Halloween fun in the USU ballroom. The event provided students a way to kick off the fall season with themed activities and haunted attractions.

The USU was divided into four sections, each with their own “ghostly events.”

One room housed a Saw themed escape room. Each group were locked in a dark room with nothing but flashlights to help them solve riddles and find body parts scattered throughout the room. If the task wasn’t completed before the time ran up, they were told the man chained to the guillotine in the center of the room would die. Unfortunately for the man, his head was promptly severed from his body regardless of the success of the group.

Of course, no one was actually harmed and it was all just skillful acting carried out by some of CSUSM’s  students and staff.

The second room held the “Haunted Hollywood Trails” haunted house. Participants were guided through a short, but nonetheless scary, walkthrough of a hollywood themed maze. Those who didn’t keep their eyes closed recognized scenes from movies like The Purge and Annabelle. Each corner was filled with hidden actors waiting to jump or scream in the face of their next victim.

The remaining two rooms, were far more relaxed. Students were encouraged to grab a slice of pizza, sit back, relax and watch Halloween movies after their frightening encounters.

Those who wanted to get a little more crafty were able to make s’mores in a jar, color or mod podge a mason jar to create a festive tea light holder.

To stay updated on future events follow Campus Rec @csusmrec, ASI @asi.cab and Tukwut Life @tukwutlife on Instagram.

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