Live, laugh, learn with the DLH Foundation


Courtesy of the DLH Foundation

Members of the DLH Foundation gather for a photo at the USU

Dylan McCall, Staff Writer

On Nov. 9, the Deana LaRae Hamilton Hughes (DLH) Foundation and the Senior Experience Program hosted a comedy night in the USU ballroom. It was a fun night filled with jokes and laughs, all to raise awareness for the foundation’s cause.

The DLH Foundation was created in 2008 by the friends and family of a departed Deana LaRae Hamilton Hughes, who died of gastro-esophageal (stomach) cancer on Jan. 12, 2007. Their mission is to honor Hughes by finding a cure, raising awareness and creating a community to aid those affected by gastro-esophageal cancers. Along with the DLH, Deana’s Wish Memorial Scholarship was established to grant scholarships, up to $2,000, to students affected by this cancer.

The Senior Experience Program matches teams of students with projects submitted by local businesses and organizations. These students gain valuable experiences by working as consultants on rigorous, real world projects.

The night started with a raffle and a delicious array of cookies to boot. The Senior Experience Team then came out to welcome everybody to their event.

After a brief description of the DLH Foundation’s mission, the Senior Experience Team introduced their first stand-up comedian, Comedy Central’s Neel Nanda.

His starting act consisted of his dating life. “I said the worst possible thing; no, it’s fine I don’t need your number. I know where you live. Well I didn’t end up getting her number, but I did get a restraining order,” said Nanda as he explained taking a girl to her home following their date.

For the remainder of his act, he talked about how his childhood was drastically different with immigrant parents and how crazy they can be.

Next, Nanda introduced his friend and colleague, FX’s Baskets Daniel Storrow. He said he was a substitute teacher for a wide variety of subjects. Everytime he was shocked how he wouldn’t notice the kids texting, mostly because he was too. The remainder of his act related to Nanda about good and bad relationships. For example, how both him and one of his girlfriends agreed she didn’t want to be with him.

“The first guy was really funny. They both catered so well to college students,” said Keith Carapella, a CSUSM student who attended the event.

Overall, both comedians were hilarious and kept the audience entertained.

After their acts, Nanda and Storrow picked the winners for the raffle, thanking everyone for coming and the Senior Experience Team and DLH Foundation for having them.

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