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Helpful resources to make the most out of your campus experience

Sabrina Belknap, Assistant Features Editor

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Do you need a creative space that doubles as a catnap retreat, a reading room with a fireplace and a way to add some mindfulness amidst a busy school day?

Whether you’re new on campus or expecting to say goodbye to CSUSM this spring, this school holds an abundance of helpful resources, spaces and programs that students may not even know exists. Here are a few noteworthy resources to make the most out of what CSUSM has to offer.

Daniel’s Communications Lab

Daniel’s Communications Lab is a campus gem.

This lab is tucked away on the second floor of the Social and Behavioral Science Building (SBSB 2207) and provides students with Mac computers, media equipment, desk space and a large white board to make for a comfortable, yet efficient environment.

It’s impossible to ignore the lived-in, red couch that has made for an exquisite spot for many students to catch a couple of Z’s.

When it comes to group projects, Daniel’s is ideal. Students are free to gather together to create, collaborate ideas or simply kick back in between classes. Whether you’re majoring in STEM or the fine arts, Daniel’s lab is a work space hero for all.

Kellogg Library Study Spots

Grab a cup of coffee and crush this semester at the Kellogg Library.

Ashleigh Mitchell, a senior majoring in Communication, recommends “level three by the window to study.”

West facing windows that dress the library floors allow sun-rays to spill in and refresh your study space.

If you’re looking for a quiet space to read in solitude, the Kellogg Library Reading Room (KEL 5400) is waiting for you. This room is furnished with couches, desks and a fireplace, creating a warm and inspiring atmosphere for students. To book a room, head over to


Mindful CSUSM

If you’re seeking a moment to refocus, relax, and recharge from the busyness of academic life, check out Mindful CSUSM.

This program invites students and staff to attend contemplative practices every Tuesday at the Academic Success Center during U-hour.

Dr. Ranjeeta Basu, the Chair of the Department of Economics, highlights that contemplative practice “cultivates a capacity for deeper awareness and deeper understanding; increases focused attention; and, increases feelings of connectedness and compassion.” Mindful CSUSM also offers an array of workshops that focus on increasing one’s overall well-being. For more information on workshops and contemplative practices, contact Dr. Ranjeeta Basu at [email protected]

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