Students “Wipeout” on interactive obstacle courses clock.

Courtesy of CSUSM Tukwut Life

Dylan McCall, Assistant Entertainment Editor

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On Feb. 16 Tukwut Life hosted a Wipeout inspired event in the Forum Plaza at 4 p.m.

Students were able to partake in a cordial competition against friends and fellow students on Wipeout inspired inflatables. You could also receive $50,000 if you won! Just kidding that’s the actual show, Wipeout.

Wipeout is an ABC game show where 24 contestants compete against one another through obstacle courses like the Big Red Balls, a classic and favorite among the courses. The grand prize of $50,000 kept contestants competitive in this race against each other and the

Students “Wipeout” on interactive obstacle courses clock. Popcorn and cotton candy were available to snack on while you waited in line or watched your friends. Three separate inflatables were available to participate in but there was no actual water to land in.

The first inflatable was a life-size hungry hungry hippos. Four players were harnessed into a bungee cord, opposite of one another with a ball pit in the middle. Players had to run into the middle, grab a ball one at a time and put it in their respective bag. Whoever grabbed the most balls by the end would win.

The second inflatable was a surfing simulator for those out-of-state students who have never surfed. Surfers would be at the mercy of the main controls as it threw them from side to side. They had to stay on the board and after a certain amount of time passed, they showcase their skills, with eyes closed, on one foot or goofy style.

The third and final inflatable came straight from Wipeout itself, the Big Red Balls, minus the hammer motivator. Players would have to run across four inflatable red balls, as the name implies, while trying not to wipeout. Many couldn’t get past the first ball but only a skilled few were able to get across with “elegance” and “grace.”

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