CSUSM Cougars drop the ball in Saturdays double header

Sonya Makkanji, Sports Reporter

The sun was out this past weekend in La Jolla, however our beloved Cougars could not make it out from under the clouds. The CSUSM’s Softball team played hard, unfortunately they could not commit to a win.  For the first of their doubleheader, the cougars played UC San Diego and took a loss finishing at 12-1, the second game stumbling to a 7-5 end.


During the first inning, an early fly ball gave UC San Diego their foot on the mount so to speak, however the Cougars were able to bring the score back to a level playing field at 1-1. Unable to make its stick, their tie did not last long, the women made six costly errors, ending the battle at 2-12.


Senior Sara Langdon and Kat Calderon were able to connect twice with the ball during Saturdays double feature. Raven LeClair, a freshman made two runs managing a 3-for-6 day.


Unfortunately, this was not enough to secure the women’s team in gaining any points overall, their double loss knocked them down the ladder to 2-12 overall, and dropping the Cougars to 1-11 in the California Collegiate Athletic Association statistics.


We have not seen the last of our girls, after all, they’ll be back for a encore double header on Friday, March 2 at 12 p.m.