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A non-traditional creative’s ode to poetry

Hannah Snider, Assistant Sports Editor

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I am a creative person. Always have been and always will be.

However, I was never creative in a traditional sense.

I was never able to draw or paint, although I could doodle stick figures pretty well.

I loved reading and writing; ever since I was little, it has been a passion of mine. Storytelling was my favorite, and my main objective was to get someone to laugh. As the years went on, I felt like an oddball even among other creative people. They would show me a beautiful drawing,  then I would ask them to read a story or poem.

The most common reaction was “uhh sure? I don’t really like reading… *Sigh.”

It was easy to get discouraged, but I knew I was not entirely alone. At CSUSM, I have met many others like me who have found an alter- native way to express themselves.

Mar. 21 was World Poetry Day, so here is my poem about poetry.

Words fill my head

They paint a beautiful picture

I can’t paint or draw, but I write instead

Give me paper, I’ll give you a story

If you wanted an artist I apologize, I don’t fit in that category

With words I can create images in your mind

Inspire you, stir up creativity

Freedom is here and it’s undefined

With poetry I can write anything I want

It can be anything I choose

Does it have to rhyme? Of course not!

Find a creative outlet and love what you do

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

Follow your passion, and simply be you.

Thank you poetry.

The creatives

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