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In honor of National Puppy Day, dogs are better than humans

Provided by Layda Galvan

Provided by Layda Galvan

Bradley Kremer, Opinion Writer

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Listen up, dog lovers, because you will most likely agree. If you are a cat person, still listen because it might apply to your furballs as well.

In honor of National Puppy Day on Friday, March 23, I have compiled a short list as to why humans’ best friends are more likeable than most humans themselves.

  1. Dogs are transparent. You are almost always able to tell what a dog wants and how it feels because they don’t know how to lie.  A dog will bark or bite when it’s angry or doesn’t like you instead of making passive aggressive comments about your outfit or starting rumors about your sex life. Dogs will lick your face when they love you… well, sometimes humans do that too, but I think you get what I mean.
  2. Dogs are not picky. Dogs will eat almost anything and will sleep almost anywhere. They are grateful for what they’ve got and just appreciate that they are fed and/or have a roof over their heads. You will never hear a dog say that your entry room furniture is tacky, nor will they ask to have their salad chopped and tossed in a low calorie Caesar dressing because they have to fit in the new fur they bought online…a size too small.
  3. Dogs are great listeners.  They occasionally interrupt you with a bark but, all and all, they hear you out if you have something on your mind.  Sure, they cannot always empathize with that parking ticket you got after just running into the store really quick without putting a coin in the meter, but, damn, will they show you some sympathy with that puppy dog face.
  4. Dogs don’t care about their image. Dogs don’t wear makeup, wear trendy clothes, or stress out wondering if their social media presence is frequent or exciting enough. These furry, four-legged canines don’t even acknowledge criticism (unless it’s water coming out of a spray bottle). I’m not saying you should abstain from baths and drink water out of the toilet but be comfortable in your own skin/fur. Care less about what other people think and be what you want to be.

Those are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the consistent dog behaviors but let it be a reminder that we as humans should try to: Be honest, appreciate what they have, don’t care what other people think , bark less and listen more, and most importantly… be a happy pup.

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