Coach Scott holds the record for most miles under four minutes.

Bryanna Martinez, Sports Editor

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How many years have you been coaching?


19 years


What were your personal achievements prior to coaching?


“I was in three Olympic teams 1980, 1984 and 1988. I was an American record holder in the one mile for 26 years. I hold the record for running the most miles under four minutes. 136 four minute miles. Not getting anymore [miles]. No one will ever get close, nobody has been under 100 not even in 20 to 23 years,”


What are your goals for the team?


“Our goal for this season is to get as many people qualified for Conference because our Track Conference is qualifying standard in every event. The next goal is to get as many people ranked in the Conference whether they are in a position to get to score. Our third goal as a team to finish in the top half of the Conference for this year. If both teams can finish in the top half this year I think that would be pretty successful season.”


What do you hope the team takes from you as a coach?


“As coaches we are motivators: be goal oriented by contributing to the team not be individuals out for themselves in terms of help this team and also taking pride in who they represent, Cal State San Marcos.”


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