Make your adventure in San Diego active and outdoor friendly

Sonya Makkanji, Sports Reporter

Work hard, play hard. As college students, it becomes important for us to remember to take some time for ourselves and to rejuvenate when we can.  


San Diego is home to a myriad of outdoor activities, a highlight of those adventures are The La Jolla sea caves, formally known as the Mammoth caves. The sea caves have been carved into the sandstone over a course of millions of years, courtesy of Mother Nature.


Although some residents have proposed underground tunnels as access, six caves remain accessible by water only and one by land. A quick online search provides plenty of companies providing kayak tours to their customers and a chance to see the caves up close.


Ocean adventure not your thing? Don’t worry, land lovers can enjoy a day of adventure as well. Biking remains a staple of experiencing a scenic tour. Whether you would rather tour with a group, or start off on a solo tour nothing stands in your way.


Don’t have a bike? Not a problem. The city of San Diego has initiated a bike share program named DecoBike, allowing patrons to rent bikes using their credit card or membership card, directly at the many locations of bikes scattered in and around town. Maps are available online, bring your helmet and your sense of adventure and you’ll be ready to go!


Ok, so maybe air adventures are more your speed, ditch the helmet and try a hot air balloon. Neighboring cities offer many types of balloon adventures, the evening flight overlooking the ocean is a must see during a sunset.


Looking for more adrenaline? Paragliding and skydiving offer a rush that is unparalleled. A more recent start-up is indoor skydiving, this experience has taken off in popularity recently, bringing the outdoors, indoors and making the dream of flight, a reality for all.


Regardless of your choice of adventure, water, land or air, there remains many more adventures to be had.