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Celebrate 15 years of advocacy, activism and social justice

Citlally Arroyo Mendoza, News Reporter

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One of CSUSM’s longest running social justice center, the Cross-Cultural Center (CCC), celebrated its 15th anniversary on March 27 in the USU Ballroom. The celebration consisted of guest speakers who reflected on the achievements and the significance of the CCC and shared their personal anecdotes about the center.

Floyd Lai, Associate Director of Multicultural Programs and Student Life and Leadership who manages and oversees the CCC, took the stage and welcomed the campus community. He said, “as the [CCC] is in the middle of its teenage years, … it is worth pausing to reflect and remember the work and dedication of those that came before…Tonight is also about connecting, building new relationships and rekindling past associations, together as a community.”

The program’s welcome speaker, Dr. Lorena Checa, Vice President of Student Affairs reflected on how she has seen the center evolve.

She explained how the center’s programs, such as the  Social Justice Summit, Tukwut Talks and the Civility Dialogues, have built advocacy and activism skills.

Dr. Dilcie Perez, Dean of Student Life and Judicial Affairs at Mira Costa College, was another guest speaker. Dr. Perez was the first Associate Director of the CCC, then called the Multicultural Center, and was one of the people who helped lay the foundation of what w o u l d become the CCC. In her speech, Dr. Perez reflected on the center’s beginnings, her role in the CCC and the
importance of spaces like the CCC.

“Today spaces like the Cross-Cultural Center are critical to student success… We need spaces where there’s a common understanding that discrimination and prejudices are left at the door. We need spaces where identities are validated and honored,” Dr. Perez said.

Former peer educators/student specialists, Diana Saldivar and Jay Franklin, also took the stage and shared their experiences at the CCC when they were students at CSUSM.
The night c o n c l u d e d with a hip-hop performance by alpha Kappa Delta Phi, an Asian-interest sorority on campus, and closing remarks from Jason Schreiber, Dean of Students and Interim Director, Student Life and Leadership.

Students can visit the CCC in USU 3400, Monday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00p.m. Their upcoming event, Tukwut Talks: A Graduate Student’s Mantra featuring Shane Anderson will be on April 17 at noon in the CCC.

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