CSUSM club volleyball dive their way to charity and teamwork

Hannah Snider, Assistant Sports Editor

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CSUSM’s club volleyball team made their mark roughly six years ago, and continues to preserve and grow through each passing year.

Anna Jensen, the president of the organization, said she hopes her team gains a new sense of leadership, teamwork, and school spirit during their time on the court.

The team finished up their season at League Championships in Anaheim on March 31, the highlight of the tournament for the team was beating USC who was number one in the league.

Jensen enjoys being a part of an organization that promotes growth in the community and leaves a positive influence at Cal State.

“I think that Club Volleyball has impacted the CSUSM community by being such a strong student organization and bringing new opportunities. This year, we were able to host our first tournament, in which other schools were able to come to our campus and experience the brand new Sports Center. We also held our first annual ‘Dig for a Cause’ tournament in October in which we helped fundraiser for a breast cancer organization and donate to them while also fundraising for our club as well.”

Looking forward to the future, Jensen and the team is preparing for the next season and tryouts that will start up again next fall. To stay informed on any volleyball fundraisers or events follows them on csusm_clubvolleyball.

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