Editorial – 9/13/18

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Greetings to our fellow readers! We hope you’ve all had a wonderful semester so far and have had luck with finding parking because we certainly have not.


We would expect that if students are paying over $300 a semester, we would be able to find a parking spot in a short amount of time, but that has not been the case.


Even when arriving an hour and a half early before class, it takes a good 25 minutes to find a parking spot. Going to the largest parking lots such as Lot F or the parking structure makes no difference; any attempts to find quick parking have been fruitless.


We are not the only one that have had issues with finding parking either; students and faculty alike have had trouble as well. The fact that parking permits are virtual is not that bad (yay for the environment!), but we can’t help but be irritated when we can’t find parking.


But with all bitterness aside, we bid you farewell and wish you luck in this semester! Stay tuned for the next edition of the Cougar Chronicle, which will be available Sept. 26! Hopefully in two weeks parking won’t be so brutal. Until next time!

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