Students celebrate and honor the Latinx Heritage Month

Adrianna Adame, News Reporter

Long lines extended outside the Latin@ Center for the Latinx Heritage Month Kick Off on Sept. 19 at 12 p.m. For the next month, from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15, it is National Latinx Heritage Month. During this time, the accomplishments, contributions, heritage and culture of Latinx people are celebrated.


At this celebration, a selection of Mexican food was served such as tacos, chimichangas, chips, salsa, guacamole, rice, beans and various refreshments. After students received

their food, they socialized with each other before the Latin@ Center began. Dr. Renzo

Lara, the associate director of the Latin@ Center gave an overview of the activities for the kick off, and introduced the center’s staff.


The activities included a visual gallery slideshow with examples of Latinx pride, cultural art, tracing students’ heritage roots in the Gender Equity Center and browsing Latinx literature and media. There was also a chalkboard where students could write about what they identified themselves as, besides a scholar.


On the chairs in the center, there were index cards with quotes from influential Latinx figures for students to take.


Luis Lara, a fourth-year finance major said that “the cards on the chairs were my favorite part…they were a source of inspiration for people.” Lara also said, “I think that it is good to take time and to recognize your roots,” when talking about why Latinx Heritage Month is important.


Dr. Olga Gonzalez-Silen, a Latin American and Latino history lecturer at CSUSM, encouraged students to learn about their culture and history, and also to teach what they learned to their communities at home. Discussing the Latinx Heritage Month Kick Off, Dr. Gonzalez-Silen said, “I love to see young people


Interested in learning about their heritage.” She also mentioned how important it is to acknowledge and be proud of the influence and contributions that Latinos have had in the United States.


Dr. Lara said, “celebrating Latin@/x heritage provides a sense of belonging and empowerment important to the holistic success of Latin@/x identifying individuals.”


The Latinx Heritage Month Kick Off celebrated the culture and heritage of Latinx people, while also motivating students to learn about their history and traditions and to teach it back to their communities at home to embrace who they are.