Go out and vote this midterm election


Photo by Krystina Andrade

As the midterm election approaches, voting becomes more important.

Karen Ambrocio, Managing Editor

Have you registered to vote for this upcoming midterm election? If yes, good job! If not, go register, you have until Oct. 22.

Now, just because you registered to vote, doesn’t mean you’re done. You have to actually do your research ahead of time and show up to the polls to vote on Nov. 6 (or vote by mail).

This sounds like a lot of work to most us, especially if we’re juggling school, a job and an internship. But, make time for something as important as this. If you’re a citizen and eligible to vote, go out and do so. Don’t throw away your right to have a say in this country.

Voting is one of the most powerful tools you have. That’s what makes our country a democracy. If we don’t have that right, then what? Only one person will make all the decisions for us, and we do not want that.

If you don’t like what’s going in our country, don’t sit there and complain, go out and vote. Midterm elections have the lowest voter turnout compared to the presidential elections. For example, according to FairVote.org, there was only 35.9 percent voter turnout in the midterm election in 2014.

I wonder, why is this so low? Midterm elections seem more important than presidential elections. We are directly choosing our representatives, the propositions, judges and more. All of this is at our local level. These changes will affect us directly whether it’s in a positive or negative way. This is our time to express ourselves.

The majority of midterm election voters tend to be senior citizens. Now, it’s not a bad thing that they use their right to vote, the bad thing is if they’re the only ones voting. Of course everyone is going to vote by what is beneficial to them, but if one group makes all those decisions for you, that’s when you have to stand up for yourself and make your voice be heard.

It’s not too late. Go to https://registertovote.ca.gov to register (you can also find this link in your MyCSUSM Student Center). If you don’t want to register online, you could go to the postal office and fill out a form there.

I know voting day is on an awkward day, which is a Tuesday. Most of us have back to back classes, but this shouldn’t be an excuse to not vote. You can always vote by mail.

This option is very beneficial to me, especially since I can’t take time on a Tuesday to be in a crowded and semi-loud room to vote. Voting by mail gives you the chance to mail your ballot to the Registrar Office early. If you do not like this option either, you can drop off your ballot in any voting poll on voting day.

Not only do these options give you more time to research the candidates and propositions, but it saves you the time of being in a long line.

If you’re eligible to vote, what are you waiting for? You have the power in this country to make change. I know a lot of people who want to vote, but can’t, due to eligibility requirements. Represent those who can’t vote.

Vote because you have a voice. Vote to honor those who fought so hard for that right. Go out and vote this Nov. 6.

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