CSUSM receives research grant

Layda Galvan, Editor-in-Chief

The California State University (CSU) Chancellor Office awards CSUSM and 10 other campuses with “Campus as a Living Lab” grant.


Campus as a Living Lab was established in 2014, and according to the CSU website it’s goal is to “address a sustainability goal while at the same time providing students with an opportunity to work to solve a real-world campus problem. Faculty present a project or redesign a course to incorporate student learning and activities that respond to that particular campus’s challenge.”


According to the csusm.edu, CSUSM has been awarded the grant Campus as a Living Lab since 2015.


Due to this grant, students from Chemistry 275, Facility Services and Safety Risk and Sustainability Services will participate in the Campus Storm Water Management Program on Oct. 31 at 10:30 a.m. in the lower parking lot B.


In an email last week, Dr. Karno Ng Assistant professor of Chemistry said “the main goal of the Storm Water Management Program (SWMP) is to monitor and control polluted discharges from our campus.”


In addition, samples will be taken from the storm water from different sites on campus. These samples will be examined with hand-held wireless devices that help measure turbidity, conductivity and pH.


Dr. Ng said that they can only accommodate 10 to 14 students to join them in the Storm Water Management project.


For more information, student can email Dr. Ng at  [email protected] .


“As a good citizen, we have the responsibility to protect our environment,” she said.

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