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Grit coffee has quality caffeine and a quiet study space

Streetview of Grit Coffee on North City Drive.

Streetview of Grit Coffee on North City Drive.

Photo by Kathleen Capiro

Photo by Kathleen Capiro

Streetview of Grit Coffee on North City Drive.

Kathleen Capiro, Features Writer

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It is believed that the nectar of the ancient Greek gods was ambrosia. Here, on the campus of CSUSM the nectar that runs through our veins is coffee. Yeah, water is kind of important, but who are we kidding?


As the academic semester is hitting that grindstone, students are reaching for more doses of caffeine. If you’re in need of a quality cup and a quiet place, I recommend a visit to Grit Coffee.


The distance is just a walk away, and you won’t have to lose any precious parking  for an afternoon pick me up. Just walk towards the Quad and continue straight ahead on the surrounding sidewalk, and in no time you’ll reach the local shop at its corner.


Through my recent experience, I learned that this locale is a nice change of pace. Once you reach the cornershop and enter its doors, you’ll be greeted by the toasty scent of freshly brewed coffee.


The menu offers an array of specialty drinks. I recommend the latte. It’s smooth and bold in flavor. The finely crafted drink was made by barista, Shera Storck. It’s easy to see that the staff behind the counter takes great care in the quality of the foods and drinks they serve, as well as maintaining good customer experience.


“I love communicating with customers, getting to know people, and meeting people from all different walks of life… I also enjoy working with my hands and creating, so I enjoy that. Our approach to coffee is scientific. We treat coffee as a craft here.”


It’s safe to say that coffee really is treated as an art here. My cup held one of those Instagram-worthy designs, and no burnt after taste.


Did I also mention that all students have a 10% off discount? After flashing my student ID my order was an even price of $3.88 Their ‘daily drip’ order costs $3, and when put together with the student discount it’s a deal that can’t be missed.


The cafe’s interior is spacious, and well-equipped with fine wooden tables, chairs, and leather couches. Together with their well-priced menu, and warm sunlit atmosphere it’s a nice, simple get-away if campus life gets too busy.


They’re open from 6 to 8 a.m., and offer even more specials and events. Check out more on their Instagram account: @gritcommunity.

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