North County Transit District disregards CSUSM students

Celine Holguin, Opinion Editor

It has been approximately three weeks since the North County Transit District (NCTD) has changed the Breeze bus schedule, and students have grown weary of walking since then.


Due to the change of the bus schedule, many students, especially coming from the west, such as Oceanside, are unable to ride the bus given that it leaves immediately after or before the Sprinter arrives at the CSUSM Sprinter station. As a result, students are left with no choice but to walk to campus.


The walk from the CSUSM Sprinter station to the campus might seem like a short distance, but there are other factors that may impede or trouble students, such as health conditions or diseases.


This schedule change has left many students feeling disregarded and frustrated, and there seems to be no evidence of the NCTD to revert back to the old schedule or find a better solution for its passengers.


For more information about the Breeze bus schedule or if you would like to submit a complaint, call NCTD customer service at (760) 966-6500.