Keep earbuds untangled with an easy DIY


Photo by Stephany Mejia

An example of the DIY earbud holder.

Stephany Mejia, Assistant Features Editor

Earbuds are light and easy to carry, but they can be a hassle when they get tangled in our bag, pockets or drawers.


Material needed are:

poster board paper or any thick paper, glue, scissors and thin yarn.


First, cut up four pieces of the thick paper. It can be approximately two inches wide and about an inch and a half long. For this DIY, the lid of a ball pins container was traced.


Second, out of the four squares, glue together two of the squares. Instead of four square, you should now have two. These squares are being glued together for extra strength.


Third, cut three pieces of yarn approximately four to five inches long each. Tie all three piece together at the top. Create a braid with the yard. This will give the yard extra support and it will last longer.


Fourth, grab one of the squares and at the bottom edge, create a small loop. Less than a centimeter is recommended. Allow the loop to hang freely at the edge and secure it with glue. Glue part of the yarn to the square in a straight line and the remaining piece of yard should be left hanging on the opposite side of the loop.


Fifth, glue the second square to the square where the yarn is already glued on. The purpose of the second square is to hide the glued yarn and give extra support.


The main steps of creating the earbud holder is complete. Wrap around the earbuds around the square and use the yarn to secure the earbuds in place by wrapping the yarn the opposite direction of the earbuds. Tie the yarn around the loop. All done! No more tangled earbuds.