Our veterans deserve appreciation


Taken by Vicky Marie Juram

The American flag flies high in front of the CSUSM campus.

Kayla Bailey, Opinion Writer

Veteran’s Day is celebrated Nov. 11 and is an official U.S. holiday that recognizes and honors those who have served in the military.


Veteran’s Day is held on the anniversary of the end of World War I and is not to be confused with Memorial Day, which honors those who have died while serving. Other than Veteran’s Day being a holiday where you get a day off from school, why is it an important day to our nation?


Some people may say that Veteran’s Day promotes violence and war as something being accepted in the U.S., but that is definitely not the case.


A student veteran, Al Garcia said,  “It’s a poor interpretation on what Veteran’s Day is really about. Veteran’s Day is a well deserved holiday to recognize and appreciate the sacrifices veterans make.”


Perhaps those who oppose celebrating Veteran’s Day may have experienced the horrors of war. This experience may have been devastating and/or terrifying to the point where they don’t consider themselves warmongers or someone who advocates for any kind of aggression toward other countries.


However, Veteran’s Day is a day for the nation to recognize what veterans have done in order to ensure and protect the freedoms for everyone in the U.S. Veterans are people who have spent years risking and sacrificing their lives to protect our way of life.


This day is not about promoting and advocating war, it’s about acknowledging and being grateful for those who have protected the greater good of our country. Only very few are willing to sacrifice their lives for others, the least we can do is honor their service on this day.


If you advocate for appreciating veterans and their sacrifices, a great way to contribute to this day is thanking a veteran, whether it be a family member, a friend or a classmate of yours. A simple thank you could mean the world to them.

In addition, CSUSM has a Veteran’s Center located right across from Markstein Hall. This center is available for all students to use, especially students who are active duty, veterans or dependents.


The Veteran’s Center can be used as a resource to receive assistance with professional development and find some internship opportunities as well.


Students who are connected to the military may find information on things like the GI Bill, Cal Vet, organizations for veterans and/or other services provided.


For more information, students can visit the Veteran’s Center or can visit their website https://www.csusm.edu/veterans/.


Don’t forget to thank your fellow veterans for their service!