Spirit programs cheers on athletes


Photo by Krystina Andrade

CSUSM’s dance team perform at the cougar madness event on Oct.18, 2018.

Kathryn McMahon, Sports Reporter

When visitors walk on campus, they know the school bleeds blue.  


CSUSM’s spirit program has become a huge part of the culture on campus.


This program works closely with the BLU Crew to ensure the athletic programs have support and that the campus stays spirited.


The purpose of the spirit program is to support CSUSM’s athletics program.  

Ashley Eszlinger, head of CSUSM’s spirit program, said “spirit is intangible, you know when you have it and when you don’t.”  


The dance team has been on campus for about eight to 10 years, while the cheer team began in 2015.  Both teams began as a sports club before being brought under campus athletics.

The teams perform at Homecoming, basketball games, pep rallies and student organization fairs.  


Both teams also compete in competitions, national and international.


Dance and cheer make appearances at many different events.  


Both teams attend Weeks of Welcome, basketball games, community events and can be requested to appear at events.  Cheer also supports baseball, soccer, volleyball and softball.


There are currently 12 dancers on the dance team and 21 cheerleaders on the cheer team.


For students interested in participating in the dance and cheer teams, they can attend college prep clinics where students can learn from current members skills and have a Q&A session to learn what it’s like to be a part of collegiate dance and cheer team.  


In order to join dance, it is recommended to have experience in  jazz, pom or hip hop background. As for cheer, it is recommended to have tumbling or stunting background.  


However, students do need a background in dance or cheer, as the spirit program is looking for students who can perform, have spirit and light up the sidelines.  


Students can be any year in CSUSM to try out.  Tryouts for dance and cheer will be in spring, late April or early May.  


For more information, students can visit the spirit program webpage: https://csusmcougars.com/sports/2017/4/3/Spirit%20Program.aspx