Alina Baraz closes out North American tour

Marielle Alindogan, A&E Assistant

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On the last night of her self-titled tour, Alina Baraz took the stage at the Observatory in North Park. The downtempo electronica artist began her self-named tour in Houston, Texas and ended the tour here in San Diego.


The singer and songwriter is from Cleveland, Ohio but started gaining notice when she released a collab EP with Galimatias, Urban Flora, in 2013. In April of 2018, Baraz released her first solo EP,  Color of You, containing singles like “Electric” and “I Don’t Even Know Why Though.”


Arriving at the venue, there were people already lined up at the stage, at the merchandise booth and at the bar. The show started at 8 p.m. with her opening act, Lolo Zouai. The 90’s R&B and hip hop, New York City based artist got the audience hyped with her opening song titled, “Brooklyn Love.” Throughout her performance, she constantly reminded the audience to have fun and keep the same energy throughout the night.  Zouai closed her set at around 8:30 p.m. with her most famous single, “High highs to Low lows.”


When Baraz finally entered the stage, she slowly walked towards center stage, connecting eyes with the audience before performing the song “Show Me,” one of her more popular songs from Urban Flora. She performed other songs from the Urban Flora EP, such as “Make You Feel,” “Unfold” and “Fantasy.”


After performing a few of her released songs, Baraz performed some songs that don’t appear on any of her EPs such as Buzzin and Lavender and Velvet. She also performed songs from her Color of You EP, such as “Fallin,” “High” and “Comin’ to My Senses.”


One of her songs titled “Floating,” featuring Khalid, was slowed down using only the acoustics of the keyboard and guitar. This was a welcomed style change compared to the original song where you hear a bass guitar with slight background noises of laser beams.


Baraz then performed “Electric” and thanked the band and crew for creating such a wonderful show and the audience for coming out. As the stage went black, Baraz and the band left the stage, the crowd began to yell her name demanding for an encore.


Slowly the band came back and Baraz re-entered the stage to perform her last song, “Yours.” The song “Yours” was slowed down from its original form, played only with piano acoustics.


Before thanking the crowd one last time, members of the crew came out with flowers and handed them to her while the crowd echoed with awes.


Baraz sounds just as good live, as she does on record. The dancing and the lights gave off a soothing, chill vibe throughout the entire show.


If you’re looking for a chill night with relaxing music, Baraz live is must see.

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