New organization creates transitions

Stephany Mejia, Assistant Features Editor

Transitions Collective is an organization that helps those who have been impacted by the prison system and  are transitioning from prison to school.


Co-Chair of Transitions Collective Nayeli Gonzalez said the organization is always looking for ways to outreach the youth and invite the public.


Transitions Collective outreaches to continuations schools. Continuations schools are alternative institutions to receive a high school diploma.


They invited the students on campus so that they feel they can belong to a college campus.


“The youth needs to see themselves coming to a higher education as well even if others have put them down or mentioned, ‘no, you don’t belong here.’ Yes the youth does belong here because they are our future. They are the ones who will be running the system, so they need to start becoming educated and see themselves getting empowered by this,” said Gonzalez.


The organization is currently working on Project Rebound which started in San Francisco and helps formerly incarcerated and system impacted students. The program provides resources such as guidance, and academia said Gonzalez.  Gonzalez said it is a program that is needed on campus.


The organization hosts documentary screenings along with panelist for the community.


Transitions Collective has been part of CSUSM for a year. Transitions Collective began by a formerly incarcerated student, Martin Leyva in Santa Barbara City College. The organization started in MiraCosta college and later at CSUSM, while Leyva was pursuing his Master’s degree.


MiraCosta and Palomar have classes for members of Transitions Collective to transition students who have been incarcerated to college.


Member of Transitions Collective Alexandria Hernandez shared she wants to work with the youth.


“I went to the first meeting and everyone was so nice and open. I wanted to come back,” said Hernandez.


The organization has approximately 20 active members but encourages anyone who is interested to attend their meetings or help them during their events. For more information about Transitions Collective upcoming events, follow their Instagram page @tc_csusm.