CSUSM student receives degree at a young age


Stephany Mejia, Features Assistant Editor

Twenty-year-old accomplishes graduating college in two and a half years.


Psychology major Jeni Scaturro will be finishing her studies this December. In order to accomplish graduating in two and a half years, Scaturro had to take approximately 20 to 25 units per semester and working a part-time job as a barista.


In order to accomplish a fast graduation, Scaturro said she had to maintain a strict schedule. She had to plan everything and follow through or else she would be behind. She said she also made sure to reserve some fun time in her strict schedule because it was also needed.


She said her parents were worried about her taking on 20 to 25 units per semester. She said that they advised her to have fun.


Scaturro said some of the professors who made an impact to her were Dr. Keehn and Dr. Bufferd. She said Dr. Keehn was not a professor in her field of study but she valued the care the professor had for her students. Scaturro said Dr. Bufferd was the reason she want to do marriage counseling.


She said she will miss the professors and the people of CSUSM.


“I’m going to miss I think learning. I really value learning and I feel like, now school is done, what am I going to be learning next?” said Scaturro.


Scaturro said she hopes she can inspire people by accomplishing big goals and seeing they too can do it.


“Don’t be afraid to accomplish big goals because if a 20 year-old can get a degree in two and a half years, there is nothing someone can do. Pick a huge goal and just go after it and if you believe you can, you will” said Scaturro.


Scaturro began her studies at CSUSM in 2016 after graduating Carlsbad High School in Carlsbad, California. Scaturro selected CSUSM because it was close to home and it was affordable.


Scaturro said she plans on attending graduate school to become a marriage and family therapist. Before she does that, she will take a year off before she goes back to school. During that year off, Scaturro said she will be working in her family’s real-estate appraisal company  to save some money for her education.


After graduation, Scaturro will be heading to Maui, Hawaii for her small and intimate, New Year wedding.