UPD chief of police engages in dialogue with students


Photo Courtesy of CSUSM Police Department

Scott Ybarrondo, chief of police poses for headshot.

Citlally Arroyo, News Editor

Associated Students, Inc. hosted Conversations with the Chief on Thursday, Jan. 31 during U-hour to give students the opportunity to meet and converse with CSUSM Chief of Police, Scott Ybarrondo, and to learn about the University Police Department (UPD).


Ybarrondo, who worked with the San Diego Sheriff’s Department for 26 years and retired as captain before he became UPD chief of police, said he wants to hold at least one conversation session every semester.


“One of my biggest goals for this university, and really for everybody, is dialogue. I don’t think we have enough dialogue in this country right now,” said Ybarrondo.


The UPD is composed of 19 members, including the chief of police. Two members of the UPD accompanied Chief Ybarrondo for Conversations with the Chief—Detective Judy Yates and Officer Matt Curran.


Detective Yates and Officer Curran introduced themselves to the students and talked a little bit about their background in law enforcement and their role in the UPD.


“Our job is not to take you to jail, it’s to resolve issues that you’re all having and make sure the community is safe and you … get your degree,” said Curran.


Ybarrondo told the students that he has a Chief’s Group that meets once or twice a month which gives a diverse group of students who come from different communities and parts of campus  an opportunity to sit down with him and talk about issues. According to Ybarrondo, the purpose of his chief’s group is to start a dialogue between the UPD and students.


He then said why he thinks it is important to have a police department on campus.


The first reason he said is to establish a relationship and open up a dialogue between students and the UPD. He said he wants students to be comfortable with the university police officers.


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