Opportunities for a healthier semester at CSUSM


Courtesy of CSUSM Athletics

The clarke field house located near the sports center, holds many recreational classes available for students.

Celine Holguin, Assistant Managing Editor

To start off the year with a more wholesome lifestyle, what better place to start than on campus?


CSUSM Campus Recreation promotes holistic wellness while having fun for all CSUSM students and do so by offering a myriad of activities, classes and opportunities.


From intramural sports to organized runs, Campus Rec has it all. There will never be a day this semester that you will not be able to train or unwind on campus.


Campus Rec offers over a dozen of fitness classes throughout the semester. Each day of the week has a different combination of classes, varying from morning yoga, Zumba, kickboxing, body sculpt, and more. All classes are held in either the Clark Field House, UVA or the QUAD.


Campus Rec classes have already started (as of Feb. 4) and end on April 26. All of these classes are free of charge, so there is no need to worry about money, just bring yourself! For more information about scheduled classes, visit https://csusm.edu/rec/fitness.


Intramural sports are another great way to get in shape and there is always the opportunity to meet new people. Students can create their own teams and compete against other CSUSM students. Intramural sports range from soccer, softball and even basketball. You can register for any intramural sport at https://imleagues.com/csusm.


There are registration deadlines for intramurals, so if interested visit the website provided above and investigate what sports are being offered.


If you are not into classes or organized sports, perhaps some Outdoor Adventures may intrigue you. In February alone, there are opportunities to go on guided hikes, camping, and have a beach bonfire after a calming session of sunset yoga.


To register and/or check out any future Outdoor Adventures, go to https://cougaraccess.csusm.edu/Course/Search.aspx. You will have to dip into your wallet to attend any outdoor activity, but they will be worthwhile with all the wonderful memories and achievements that come along with them.


There are activities available for all kinds of individuals, whether you are into hard-core workouts or want to find a outlet to release your stress.


If you are still on the fence about trying out any classes or activities, half of the time your tuition has already covered the cost! You already paid for them, might as well take advantage and try something new this year!