Vaccinations have become a choice in our society

Kayla Bailey, Opinion Editor

Vaccinations have been around for more than 100 years and have proven to eradicate certain diseases from resurfacing. However, the anti-vaccination movement has become more popular throughout the last few years.


The biggest argument against vaccinations is: are you threatening public health by choosing to not get vaccinated?


With all medications and vaccines, there’s an argument that you have the choice to take it or not. Which is true, you may have your own personal reasons on why you refuse vaccines from health professionals. However, it’s recommended to research more about the benefits and even the reasons you believe not to get vaccinated.


In order to go to school, it’s mandated for you to show proof of immunizations. If you refuse or  aren’t able to get vaccinated, then you obtain a waiver.


Many people have refused vaccinations for a numerous amount of reasons, such as becoming sick, dealing with awful reactions or the supposed link between autism and vaccines. In addition to health and religious reasons, refusing vaccinations is due to the belief that it does more harm than good.


Getting vaccinated is more about the bigger picture, the health of the public and keeping those who can’t be protected safe. This is about maintaining the health of our society and keeping certain diseases extinct by being vaccinated.


When you get vaccinated, it’s essentially the same thing as being prescribed a medication and taking it with the hope to maintain your health. When you take medication, there’s always a risk involved or a side effect that can occur.


When you take your medicine or get vaccinated, there’s a benefit that outweighs the risk, right?


However, the biggest reason majority of health professionals and pro-vaxxers advocate for getting vaccinated is to protect those who are immunocompromised or more susceptible to getting certain viruses, diseases, etc.


There are cases where people’s bodies may not react well to vaccinations. Since they have adverse reactions, they’re unable to get vaccinated. Those who have a deficient immune system and those who aren’t able to be vaccinated are at-risk.


When you get vaccinated, you’re not only protecting yourself from terrible diseases, viruses and infections, but you’re also protecting those around you.


Vaccinations are almost like your duty as a member in society to protect yourself and those around you.


If you’re concerned, speak to your doctor and dig deep into the side effects, the evaluations on vaccines and how you’ll be protected.


If you’re interested in getting vaccinated, The Student Health and Counseling Services offer immunizations. If you want to find out more information on vaccinations or other services, feel free to email [email protected] or call (760)-750-4915.

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