ASI candidates discuss goals with students

Chase Spear, Assistant News Editor

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With ASI student elections around the corner, students had the opportunity to engage with various candidates to hear their goals.


ASI Meet the Candidates was an event hosted in the USU dining area on Thursday, March 7. It gave students the opportunity to personally meet the 2019/20 ASI elections candidates.


According to Annie Macias, executive director of ASI, this event allowed students to “find out what [the candidates’] platforms are about.”


Anna Rapuda, a student representative for the ASI elections committee, said that about 20 candidates are running for ASI positions in the upcoming elections.


Shovan Vatandoust, a candidate running for College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral & Social Sciences (CHABSS) representative, said he wants to “help students be prepared for next year” and to “add more classes [for students] so they graduate faster.”


Steven Granada Alvarado, candidate for ASI president, said his goals relate to “union and diversity.” One of his main goals is to help expand on students’ ethnic backgrounds. “Their background matters on campus,” said Alvarado.


Alvarado also said that he wants to assist academic probation students. He wants to help those students grow as an individuals and bring in other students to help serve as a peer mentor and positive examples.


Nine students are running for ASI positions as part of a joint cabinet called Growth. According to Faith Garcia, a Growth member who is running for vice president of university student affairs, Growth promotes civic engagement for students on campus. Garcia also said that one of the goals of Growth is to provide a safe place for students to stay on campus.


“Students have basic needs,” said Estrella Ordonez, a member of Growth who is running for ASI executive vice president. “They pay to come to the university.”  Ordonez said how it’s important for students to have a voice on campus.


“Your voice is part of the university,” said Devon Kimbrough, candidate for CHABSS representative. “Your voice matters.” Growth is dedicated to voicing the needs for students on campus.


Another cabinet present at the event was Thrive. According to Thrive member Estefania Fraticelli, Thrive is built on four goals: financial wellness, environmental justice, community partnership and Tukwut pride.


Fraticelli said that Thrive wants to “build a foundation of trust and understanding” and help students understand how environmental issues such as wasting water affect the campus community.


Tim Pelayo, Thrive member and candidate for College of Business Administration (COBA) representative, said that Thrive is designed to help “first and second year students [become] more involved [on campus].”


Kenny Tran, a Thrive member who is running for ASI president, said that they want to “make this [campus] feel like home.” In addition, Tran said that Thrive wants to create financial literacy workshops designed to teach students basic financial knowledge such as how to pay taxes.


Voting will begin on Monday, March 25 at 7 a.m. and will end on Wednesday, March, 27 at 5 p.m. Students will receive an email with a voting link where they can cast their vote.  


ASI elections results will be announced on Thursday, March 28 at noon at the USU Arcade.


For information about the candidates and dates, visit the ASI elections website at

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