REVIEW: Los Angeles based band takes stage at Temecula bar

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L.A. based band brings their stamina at a Temecula local bar, the Boiling Room. The audience seemed to be more suitable and likeable for older, middle-aged groups.


The electronic-rock band called the LA Calling  was found by musician, David Corral. The band started in 2008 and have been playing in the Inland Empire area. The guitarist and drummer remain unknown, but Corral remains the main vocalist.


The ambience of the bar was like your typical bar scene; on one side of the room people were chugging beers and on the other, people were enjoying the game of Billiards. The bar was dimly lit, having only neon Budweiser sign lights and the disco lights on the dance floor. Before the show started, the bar was playing popular rock songs such as “Jump” by Van Halen and “Livin on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi.


The band started the show off with a song titled “Krush,” the song lyrics are repetitive. The lyrics say, “I know you’re precious, but don’t krush me.” “Krush” is a upbeat fast-paced 1980’s electronic vibe song.


The next song the band played was titled “Cyber Town,” which was a slower-paced but also 1980’s feel, definitely the type of song you would hear in an 1980’s rom-com.


After every song the audience would applaud and holler for a great performance.


Another slower song they played was titled “La Promesa,” Corral said before the song started, “Promises made and promises broken.”


Before every song, Corral would go to a tablet on the side to play the songs’ missing instruments because the only instruments being played on stage was the guitar, drums and vocals. The music from the iPad also had the recorded back up vocals.


During one of the songs, “Only Human Now,” a slower song with a twinkling touch to the song, a couple walked their way from the Billiards area to the dance floor and started dancing to the song being the only ones on the dance floor.


Younger audiences who are into oldies such as David Bowie and Joy Division, should consider listening to LA Calling. LA Calling gives off high energy and nostalgic feels due to Corral being inspired by previous musicians from previous generations. The band sounds exactly the same live compared to the actual songs on Soundcloud and their website.


Although, I do not see this band topping any charts or blowing up on the internet. Their music is stagnant and does not have any unique or different sounds that would make it to the industry and not the type of songs one would want to sing as loud as they want when they are alone in the car. The band does not have a style either that would catch attention of younger audiences. The music they create sounds good live and is only good for just listening to in the background at a pub grub.

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